Queen of the side hustle 

Published August 10 2021
3 minute read
Beth has a wild imagination and loves being creative, but life kept getting in the way. Determined not to let her creativity flame burn out, Queen B was born.

If you were thinking a full-time job, moving house, living with long COVID and running your own Welsh fashion design business on the side sounds like a handful – you need to meet Beth. What this superhuman proud Welsh entrepreneur can achieve in 24 hours is nothing short of a miracle!

Many of us have spent our lockdowns looking for extra income, becoming engrossed in furlough projects to keep us occupied, or used this time to reflect and build a business out of the things we love doing.

With over 30,000 new start-up businesses across the UK in January 2021, it’s not surprising to hear that 54% of these were side hustles (Source: Enterprise Nation/Companies House).

One of these side hustles born out of Cardiff in 2020 was Queen B & Co - a Welsh fashion design business creating jumpers and t-shirts with fun Welsh slogans. Its founder Beth Evans, 34, is a full time Learning Technologist with a passion for colour, fun and design.

“I always knew I wanted it to be Welsh. Being a Welsh learner at A-Level, I wanted to make it more accessible”

An ambitious proud Welsh woman keen to celebrate her Welshness through this burning creativity - but not in a red, white and green way.

She wanted to create designs which were fun, easy to wear and stylish for the modern Welsh woman.

In March 2020, Beth fell extremely ill with suspected COVID-19. Her side hustle and creative outlet gave her something to focus on to get out  of her own head. It is now apparent that Beth has been living with long COVID where symptoms can last weeks or months after the virus has gone. The focus on Queen B & Co really helped aid her recovery.

Following this illness, Beth had an overwhelming need to protect her family and make sure that none of them experienced what she herself had just been through. As government guidelines were coming in to all wear masks, Beth ordered some ill-fitting ones online which lit that creative spark yet again.

“The support and community through my Queen B Instagram is what helped me get through my long COVID recovery”.
“I was talking to my mum and said, ‘I could make better masks than these’. To which my mum responded, ‘Go on then!’”

Not one to back down from a challenge, this was the beginning of Beth’s biggest sellers, her Queen B facemasks in her signature dreamy Welsh weave fabric.

Having migrated from her parent’s loft landing to her new home in Cardiff, Beth now has her very own dream home office space to work from – a place where the magic happens!

Working 9 till 5 then 5 till 9, what a way to make a living! It’s not for the faint hearted, but the ambitious and brave side hustle entrepreneurial community amongst us are some of the true heroes born from lockdown.

Reflecting back on what has been an insane year for us all, Beth’s advice to others considering the side hustle lifestyle is, “If you want something, you really do have to work for it. This is my 5 to 9pm job and I love it!!”

Check out Queen B’s ‘modern Welsh things for modern Welsh people’ at thequeenbstore.com.

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