Homefinder Service

Still looking for your dream home? 

We’ll search for you with our Homefinder Service!

We work together to find out your property needs and make sure you are purchase-ready to help to ensure you do not miss out on your next home

Once you have made the decision to move home, it is vital to see if your budget fits your requirements; considered all options to fund the purchase; and ensure you register with a market leading agent who can work alongside you.  

At Peter Alan we understand the local housing market and spend time finding out your individual property needs before beginning your home hunt.  We also work with you to make sure you are purchase-ready, meaning you are in a strong buying position to ensure you do not miss out on your next home.  This approach is proving highly valuable in the current active market.

Use our Homefinder Service and we can help you find your dream home! To find out more and to sign up for our Homefinder Service, please contact us today