Luxury interiors: The art of the serene

Published August 07 2023
3 minute read
Imagine the sound of wild waves crashing against weather-worn cliffs. The ebb and flow of tides washing into long sandy beaches and secluded coves. Gulls softly cawing.

Tranquillity. Peace. Calm.

Imagine this for your home. A place of serenity and minimal, natural beauty.  Bucking trends and creating timeless, beautiful spaces that bring a sense of sensual, luxurious zen is the name of the game for Cardiff-based Interior & Landscape Designer, Abi Hanah.  Abi seeks to explore the relationship of contemporary design through a modern lens, creating luxury homes and gardens for clients to live in and love for years to come, not just a single season.

“We’ve come to an era where there’s so much throwaway household fashion - and that’s not for me.” Self-trained and driven by a desire to create spaces that feel like a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Abi has developed a unique style not often seen here in South Wales

“Your home should be a place to relax and reflect. A space that is free of fuss and unnecessary clutter.”

To create such a distinctive style, Abi ensures clever use of lighting, calming colour palettes, and textiles and textures derived from nature - in particular from the local Pembrokeshire coastline.

“Living in South Wales is such a privilege, there’s so many hidden gems that inspire me daily.”

Your safe haven. Born in London, but raised in Pembroke, a little piece of Wales is embedded into each project and Pembrokeshire in particular continues to have a huge influence on Abi’s work. From the use of lime plaster and lime washed walls to soft curves and lines, layered with natural oaks and woollen textures, Abi creates minimalistic, clutter-free spaces that honour traditional Welsh features. Think large open fireplaces and bare wooden timbers with a contemporary twist.

“I believe in creating a balance between warm minimalism and luxury that encapsulates our clients’ hopes, dreams and desires. Our contemporary designs are tailored to the needs of each individual, with a clear emphasis on sensual concepts.”

“I don’t just want my clients to like what they see, I want my clients to feel something too.” 
It’s these feelings, and the emotive twists and turns that can take place throughout the creative process that really ignites Abi’s passion for her craft. The ups, the downs, the rollercoaster of questions;

“Will they like what they see?”
“Will they be inspired?”
“Will it feel like a home they can love?”

It can be an emotional minefield. However, it’s the final reveal, the big crescendo, the moment that the client sees everything come together for the first time that keeps Abi designing, time and time again.
It’s not all high-end luxury interiors; Abi regularly works her magic on outside spaces too. With a low maintenance, high impact approach, Abi’s contemporary designs can create an impressionable and seamless transition from your interior to your outdoor living space. Your very own Garden of Eden - just without the forbidden fruit!

Luxurious, contemporary, minimalistic. Work with Abi to create your very own sanctuary for the serene in your home.  Head to abihanah.com or follow @abi_hanah on Instagram for inspiration.