What delays the selling process and how can you help?

Published December 07 2018
3 minute read
Did you know that nationally circa 30% of property sales fall through? And a half of all properties do not complete within a year?  We want to help you avoid this and have a quick, smooth move so we have put together the below list of common pitfalls, with the ways we work to resolve them and things you can do to help:


This is key to attract a buyer early!  We find that if a property isn’t presented very well it can cause it to stay on the market with little or no interest for a long time.  If the photos look great then it creates a good feel for the property and it makes it stand out online to potential purchasers.

You can help by making sure the property is clean, tidy and clutter free for the photographs.  We offer professional photography which can boost the value of a property in a viewers’ eyes by 21%* and we will also offer home staging advice prior to the photo shoot, to make sure your property gives a great first impression. 

Also, make sure that the property is presented just as well for all viewings to help impresses possible buyers.  


A property chain is a line of buyers and sellers linked together because each is purchasing and selling a property from one of the others.  If one person in the chain takes a long time to sign a document, doesn’t get back to their solicitor or estate agent, or does anything to slow the progress of a purchase, the whole chain will be delayed.

Chains can collapse and sales fall through for various reasons such as buyers or sellers changing their mind, problems with surveys, buyers can’t get the mortgage they applied for etc.  Our Sales Progressors spend a lot of time communicating with the various other estate agents and solicitors throughout the chain to keep things moving forward for our vendors and purchasers.

You can help too by getting your finances in place early, including deposit monies; having copies of documents that are likely to be requested to hand; and signing and return all of your paperwork promptly.

Solicitor delays

Solicitors can end up unintentionally delay the process by not sending out contracts, answering enquiries or applying for searches right away.

Peter Alan Home Conveyancing will make sure that you are legally prepared whilst the house is for sale, so that once your buyer is found then there should be no delays or problems.  Our dedicated Sales Progresses will chase and liaise with the solicitors for you, monitoring and guiding your sale through to the end, giving you peace of mind.

You can help by making sure that when your lawyer sends your contract and other legal documents; or requests documents such as planning paperwork, sellers property information forms or additional queries; that you complete and return them promptly. 

For more information or advice to help your sale or purchase through to completion please contact your local branch.

*AXA, 2017