What are your festive family traditions?

Published December 23 2021
2 minute read
It’s that time of year again where we’re dusting off our Christmas decorations and festive family traditions. Love them or hate them, we all have them. But our Covid Christmas of 2020 put a candy cane in the works and many of us had to abandon our usual family Christmas plans and traditions to stay home and stay safe.

With Christmas 2021 looking like it’s very much back on (fingers crossed), will you be reviving your festive traditions this year? Or did you create new traditions in your lockdown Christmas which you now prefer? We’ve asked the people of South Wales to share their traditions with us, and here are our top 5 fun festive traditions which we loved!

1.    Every year, Mia from Rhiwbina buys her two sons new Christmas pyjamas and new Christmas bedding which “the elves” put on while they are sleeping. They go to bed as normal, and magically wake up in Christmas pyjamas and bedding. What sneaky, clever little elves they are! 

2.    Claire from Cardiff loves to add a bit of spice to her traditions! Every Christmas Eve, she takes her family to see the panto, followed by a trip to the local curry house for a festive balti and peshwari naan. 

3.    Ali from Swansea hails from Dutch heritage so has a very different kind of tradition. On the 5th of December every year, they leave a letter for Santa in a shoe on the windowsill outside. This is to allow Santa a decent turnaround on getting those presents ready! 

4.    Ben from Whitchurch has a tradition which he plans to keep doing despite his family asking him not to. Every Christmas Day, he makes tonnes of cranberry and bacon balls for Christmas dinner which everyone hates. Nobody eats them and he gets in a huff every year but relentlessly tries again the following year. To be honest Ben, we think they sound quite nice – they’re the ones missing out! 

5.    In her lockdown Christmas, Jodie from Newport wanted to make sure that the kids didn’t miss out and that Christmas morning was still fun, even if their grandparents couldn’t join them as planned. Those sneaky little elves made another appearance - only this time they put wrapping paper over the lounge door on Christmas morning for the kids to break through to get to their stockings! The kids loved it so much that the elves have been invited back this year and this is a new tradition they will be keeping.