The smallest barber in Wales

Published March 04 2020
2 minute read

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am 28 and live in Cardiff. I have an Italian heritage which I am very proud of.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

How long have you been running the barbers?

I set up the business in August 2017. It was my first business and I set it up inside the Castle Emporium from scratch. I had been barbering for over eight years but never for myself before. I did an apprenticeship straight from college and immediately loved and had a passion
for it. I have worked in various other barber shops around
​​​​​​​Cardiff and also managed one.

What are the most popular requests you have?

The most popular cuts are skinfades. That is extremely short on the sides and then long on the top. Peaky Blinders definitely had an influence on a particular hairstyle which is essentially a bowl cut! It explored a different avenue on cuts which aren't blended in!

What is a typical customer?

I think due to being inside the Castle Emporium I do get an alternative clientele who are willing to experiment with cuts like bowl cuts or mullets. Although I get plenty of office workers who just want to look sharp and tidy.

Why did you choose here?

I chose to go in the Castle Emporium as I thought it would be a great base and loved the quirky element. Being with other like minded independents was great for me as I started working alone. I was originally upstairs in a small room with one barber chair but have since moved down to the ground floor with more space and a second chair. I have a loyal clientele now and more people are keen to support local independents and see what else the Castle Emporium has to offer. I think it's special as its a unique concept in Cardiff being inside a converted 1920s cinema. My original shop upstairs appeared in WalesOnline as it was thought to be the smallest barbershop in Wales, I wonder if this still stands!​​​​​​​