The added value of a High Street Agent

Published September 28 2017
3 minute read

What are you looking for in an estate agent? As technology continues to advance, the property industry evolves; in recent years we have seen the birth of the ‘online’ call-centre estate agents, bringing their own unique take on estate agency. But high street agents such as Peter Alan offer something very different when it comes to selling or letting your property.

So what is the true value of a high street agent?

No win, no fee

Simply put, if we don’t sell your home, we don’t get paid. From the moment you call us to the day you receive your keys, we work continuously for you to ensure you receive the highest possible sale price. We work hard to progress the sale and should there be a problem within your chain, we will fight to ensure that it is resolved as quickly as possible.

If you have paid an upfront fee to a call centre agent, do you think their tenacity will be the same?

We know your street

We don’t need Google Maps to get an idea of where you live; all our teams live and work in South Wales. They attended the local schools, walked your streets; they know first-hand the properties available in the area, because they pass them regularly. We work in your local market every day, we know what is selling, and how the market is behaving.

Do you think someone who doesn’t live and work in the area will have the same insight?

We are proactive

The majority of buyers begin their search online via property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, but you should never underestimate the value of having a presence on the local high street. Every day our offices welcome proactive buyers who are searching for their next home; if we don’t have it on the market that day, we keep their details until we do. Having a database of actively looking buyers allows us to quickly organise viewings when your property is listed. We also organise open days to give many potential buyers the opportunity to view your property. This successful approach minimises disruption for you and your family, and helps us recommend the right purchaser for you at the optimum price in a short space of time.

If you’re only relying on property portals to sell your home, how can you connect with local buyers?

We’re by your side

We aim to accompany all potential buyers when they view your property, and there is more to selling your home than simply taking a buyer on a tour. Our experienced team are highly trained to ensure that each viewing is conducted according to a proven method that gets results. Being face-to-face with the prospective buyer, we can spot any signs of interest, or of doubt, and we can react instinctively to provide reassurance and answer questions.

How can a call centre agent maximise your viewings when they are not there?

We add extra value for you

A UK statistic is circa 30% of property sales fall through for various reasons.    We want to help you avoid this, so we have dedicated Sales Progressors in each of our branches who monitor and guide your sale through to the end.  They will communicate and chase the various estate agents, mortgage companies, solicitors and third parties throughout the chain on your behalf to keep things moving forward. 

Can you guarantee your sale will compete within your time-scale and without stress, or even complete at all, if nobody is chasing your sale or purchase?

There are many ways that we add value when selling your home; contact a member of our team to discover a different kind of experience.