Rent Smart Wales deadline fast approaching

The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 introduced the new compulsory system of registering and licensing for landlords and agents in Wales.  This is now live and Landlords have until 23rd November 2016 to comply.  The aim is to raise standards in the private rented sector in Wales.

If you haven’t done so already please go directly to the Rent Smart Wales Website at to register your details and the details of your property/properties.  Upon registration you will be asked to pay a registration fee of circa £33.50.

Landlords who wish to manage their own properties will then need to sign up for a training course at a cost of between £50.00 and £150.00; sit and pass a test; be deemed to be fit and proper; and apply for a licence at a cost of £144.00.

Alternatively if we manage your property, you simply need to name Peter Alan as your managing agent during registration (with no additional cost than the £33.50 registration fee) and this is all you need do to become compliant to the legislation.

It is essential that all Landlords in Wales register with Rent Smart Wales by the 23rd November, to avoid incurring fines when the new law comes into force.

In light of the new legislation, if you are a current landlord using our Letting and Rent Management service and would like to switch to Fully Managed, please let us know and we will switch your service type  at the same competitive rate that you are paying now for the duration of the current tenancy.

Our Head of Lettings and the South Wales representative of the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), Mrs Angela Davey, has been running training courses and hosting roadshows across South Wales, informing landlords of their obligations under the new legislation, how to comply and assisting with registration. If you need any further information Angela can be contacted at and will happily assist you with any queries around this very important development within the private rental sector in Wales.

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