Make sure to protect your home this winter

Published November 15 2018
2 minute read
Winter is traditionally a time when problems arise in properties seriously affecting homeowner’s day-to-day lives and can sometimes lead to high costs.  Landlords must also ensure that they are taking responsibility for their properties and their tenants, and prepare their rental homes so they’re not faced with any nasty surprises later down the line.

We have put together these top tips to prepare your home or rental property for the colder months:
1.Check the pipes – frozen pipes can burst and cause a big risk to properties in winter, so keeping the heating on low is vital, particularly if your property is empty or you are on holiday
2.Check the heating system – make sure all heating systems are fully working by bleeding the radiators and, if necessary, servicing the boiler
3.Maintain the exterior – ensure the brickwork, drains, guttering and roof tiles are all in good condition and with no cracks, for the rain and freezing temperatures to enter
4.Keep the cold outside – stop any drafts from coming in by fitting draft excluders to doors and windows and making sure the lofts and walls are fully insulated
5.Check the chimney – a big cause of carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires, make sure the chimney is safe to use by having it swept annually
6.Check the alarms – ensure all alarms in the house are fitted and working. This includes smoke, carbon monoxide and burglar alarms
7.Check the insurance policy – especially if you are renting out your property, make sure to read through all insurance documents to see what your insurance policy covers, what it doesn’t cover and plan for what to do should any urgent problems arise.

These simple steps could make a huge difference in preventing any issues arising, saving money on repairs and are essential for homeowners, landlords and tenants to enjoy a cosy and safe winter.

For more information or for further advice please contact your local branch.