How to prepare your home for photos

Before buyers come to view your property the very first impression they get will be created by the photos used online, in printed property details and in the press.  Properties that are most eye-catching to buyers are likely to attract more interest and this can often take just a little effort from you.

Tidying and de-cluttering are by far the most important points in making your home appealing, but ensure not to de-clutter so much that the room looks bare.  Also, make sure that the lights and lamps are on in every room, this will help make the property seem light and airy.

We have put together the following tips for individual rooms to help you prepare your home for photos (it can also be handy to refer to this list before any viewings too!)

Kerb Appeal
• Add colour with potted plants and hanging baskets.

• Keep the work surfaces as clear as possible.
• Add a vase or bowl of the same fruit such as apples or oranges, or mixed fruit such as lemons and limes. Hide tea towels and oven gloves.

Dining area
• If you have a dining table, decorate a couple of place settings with your best dinnerware.

Living Room
• Spruce up tired furniture with textured accessories such as throws and cushions.
• Add fresh flowers.
• Have limited personal photographs and mementos. Style your shelves and coffee table to have a show home look.
• Straighten and open curtains.

• Where possible, all bedrooms should have a bed in them. Dress with bedding that is in excellent condition, plain white works best and add colour through a throw or cushions.
• Keep surfaces clear and hide the majority of lotions and potions.
• Make sure to remove any clothes from view

• Remove the majority of toiletries from your sink, bath and shower.
• All towels should be matching, preferably a plain colour and be new or in excellent condition.
• Toilet seats should be down.

• Add colour by freshly planting flower beds and potted plants.
• If possible, stage your garden furniture with an outdoor dinner set.
• Remove any toys.
• Clear any weeds and ensure all lawns are mowed.



If you need any further advice about staging your home for photos, then the team at your local branch will be happy to help you.   

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