Decluttering this Autumn

Published September 27 2017
2 minute read

Summer is officially over and the weather is changing, so now could be the ideal time for a declutter, ready for when the colder weather and darker nights force us to spend more time indoors.

Here are a few steps we think will get you started on decluttering your home.

1. Decide where to start

Before you get started, get a plan in place of what you want to achieve.  You may not have time to allocate a whole weekend to decluttering, so set yourself daily or weekly goals, such as clearing one room or focusing on a particular cupboard.  After a few weeks the house will be looking much tidier and you’ll be enjoying spaces that you didn’t realise you had.


2. Be a little ruthless!

The hardest part of decluttering can be sifting through all of your items and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.  It’s important to think about whether the item is something you’re likely to need in the future or not, probably if you haven’t worn or used the item in a year then you’re not going to use it again and you can get rid of it.  If you find it hard deciding what to throw away, it could help to ask a friend or family member around for their advice.  Once you’ve completed this then you should have 2 piles – one of items you no longer need, and one of things you plan on keeping.

3. Sell, donate or bin

Lots of the items in your ‘Get Rid’ pile are probably in good condition but are no longer of use to you, so consider passing them on to someone else.  You could sell these items online or in a car boot sale; share or pass on these items to family and friends; or donate to charity shops and other organisations.  Any items that are in poor condition then simply throw these out, recycling where possible.

4. Upcycle

Once you’ve decluttered your cupboards or pieces of furniture you may feel like they just don’t quite fit your refreshed home any more, but don’t jump to get rid of it, give it a new lease of life by upcycling.  Even simple things like replacing handles to doors and drawers and a lick of paint can transform your tired desk or chest of drawers into a stylish piece of furniture.

5. Enjoy the results

Once you’ve decluttered an area, you should take the time to enjoy it.  You can plan your next steps, maybe you want to redecorate or just enjoy the space as it is.  Either way remember how great it looks now and make that your standard.  This will help you to avoid future clutter and keep things neat and tidy - saving you from marathon decluttering sessions in the future!