Say no to expensive cash deposits, and yes to spending money on the things you love! 

Zero Deposits aim to make renting:


Escape the deposit loop 
Want to move out but need your deposit back first? Zero Deposit can help you get out of the cycle. 


The rental market can move fast. We can help you keep up
With a Zero Deposit Guarantee, you don’t have to spend months saving for a deposit or wait for payday.  Buy a Guarantee today and you could be ready to move within days. 


As fair for renters as for landlords. 
Zero Deposit are levelling the playing field for renters. Partnering with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme means that if your landlord raises a claim against you at the end of your tenancy, you can trust Zero Deposit to provide a fair assessment taking into account your side of the dispute. 

Zero Deposit operates a no deposit rental scheme that is regulated by the FCA and the claims process is designed to give everyone peace of mind.

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