Make sure to protect your home this Halloween and Bonfire Night

With Halloween and Bonfire Night just around the corner, make sure to keep your home and possessions safe as it’s statistically the worst time of the year for crime.

Analysis of 10 years’ of claims by Aviva reveals that there is a 22% increase in home burglaries and car thefts on both Halloween and Bonfire night.  The research also shows that Halloween is the worst day of the year for property vandalism with claims for malicious damage to homes, such as window smashed with stones, eggs and even pumpkins, soaring by 160%, with Bonfire Night following closely as the second worst day of the year.

The combination of darker nights and many people being out of their homes enjoying a party or fireworks display unfortunately presents a great opportunity for criminals.  Many people leave doors open when having a Halloween party and others don’t always check their house is properly locked when they go out to enjoy some fireworks fun.

Our top tips for keeping your home safe this Halloween and Bonfire Night:

• Take extra care to ensure all doors and windows are locked, even if just going into the back garden to watch a display.
• If you go out to enjoy a firework display or party leave a radio or lights on to give the impression that someone is home.
• If possible put your car and bike in the garage each night and ensure it is locked.
• Make sure sheds and any outbuildings are secured.
• Move any garden ornaments, bikes, and potted plants out of sight.
• If you have burglar alarms make sure to activate them.
• Ensure an gadgets, handbags, keys etc. are hidden.
• Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover any losses should you be unfortunate enough to have your home broken into or damaged.
• Fire claims are also 60% higher than normal on Bonfire Night, so be sure to handle any fireworks and bonfires with care to avoid any accidents.





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